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Accordingly, the previous axiom is transformed or rephrased (or changed), adapted, and personalized to the following: “Technology is important and is becoming a more central element in the daily life of today’s organizations (or business environments); however, the technology itself is not as important, imperative, valuable, and/or essential to an organization as much as how (and why and when) it is transferred and the rate of the transfer!”  Again, technology is the embodiment of change, and one can even argue that a human being (or a potential employee, associate, manager, director, or executive) is a technology and how (and why and when) an organization, as a collective and diverse system and culture, handles it or transfers it is a key performance indicator for the organization in the short-term as well as for the long-term.

Our firm’s approach to remedy and resolve these challenging technology-related “change” side effects for our clients is to research and develop unique technology transfer solutions based on our “interdisciplinary” breadth and depth of knowledge and expertise in integrating and incorporating technology transfer principles and methodologies and by utilizing The Nizam Pyramid Program ®

.  Our approach again strengthens and empowers our clients to manage technology and change better and to perform project management in a more holistic, sustainable perspective and methodology.  Our solutions are again well suited and designed for our client’s needs and they will also accommodate our client’s competitive business environment and market conditions for the short-term as well as for the long-term.  (The End)